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Inland Marine

File a Claim or Report Damage/Loss

Inland Marine Additions

Inland Marine Insurance is an optional coverage similar to the Master Property Policy, but offers a lower deductible of $50.00 per occurrence. This coverage is used to insure property subject to theft, breakage, or property that is frequently transported. Items must have a replacement value between $50 up to $2000. To add items complete the Inland Marine (IM) Add Insurance form and submit to Risk Management and Insurance (RMI). Coverage becomes effective when RMI has received the completed IM reporting form.

**IMPORTANT** You are responsible for keeping track of your Inland Marine item list. You are responsible for Adding new items and Deleting items that no longer need to be insured.

The following items are not eligible for Inland Marine coverage:

  • Major Property or Buildings.
  • Automobiles or vehicles licensed for the road.
  • Mobile equipment of any nature (mobile equipment is any motorized equipment not licensed for highway use).
  • Consumables.
  • Property held in inventory (Items discovered missing after an inventory check).

In the Event of Damage and/or Loss

  1. Complete a Property Damage and Loss form. Please submit any photos or additional documentation to
  2. In the event of theft, please file a police report and notify Campus Security at 208-426-6911. Submit reports to
  3. Obtain estimate for cost repair. If item is not repairable, statements and supporting evidence indicating why the item cannot be repaired are required. Non-repairable items require estimates for replacement. Estimates must be for a similar or like item. Keep the salvage for inspection.
  4. Forward estimates for repair (or statements of non-repair and replacement estimates)