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Inland Marine Insurance

File a Claim or Report Damage/Loss

Add/Delete items to Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance is an optional coverage similar to the Master Property Policy, but offers a lower deductible of $50.00 per occurrence. This coverage is used to insure property subject to theft or breakage, or property that is frequently transported. Items must have a replacement value between $200 – $2000. To add or delete items complete the Inland Marine (IM) Add/Delete Insurance form and submit to Risk Management and Insurance (RM&I). Coverage becomes effective when RM&I submits the items for coverage to the State of Idaho which usually takes between 24-48 hours.

The following items are not eligible for Inland Marine coverage:

  • Real Property or Buildings.
  • Automobiles or vehicles licensed for the road.
  • Mobile equipment of any nature (mobile equipment is any motorized equipment not licensed for highway use).
  • Consumable Properties.
  • Property held in inventory (Items discovered missing after an inventory check).

In the Event of Damage and/or Loss

  1. Fill out the File a Claim or Report Damage/Loss. Please submit any photos or additional documentation to
  2. In the event of theft, please file a police report and notify Campus Security at 208-426-6911. Submit reports to
  3. Obtain estimate for cost repair. If item is not repairable, statements and supporting evidence indicating why the item cannot be repaired are required. Non-repairable items require estimates for replacement. Estimates must be for a similar or like item.
  4. Forward estimates for repair (or statements of non-repair and replacement estimates) to