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Practicum/Internship Students

Liability Insurance coverage for qualified BSU Practicum Student work related programs must meet certain requirements. The state’s definition of a covered Practicum is:

“Means a course of study involving practical application of previously studied theory approved by and under supervision of the covered colleges and universities of the State of Idaho.”

To qualify for Practicum Student liability coverage the following requirements must be met:

  • The BSU student is participating in a Practicum as defined above.
  • Registered and participating in credit bearing academic or applied technology college courses that requires this training as part of a student’s class credit requirement for graduation.
  • The Practicum activity (or training) must be approved, supervised and/or overviewed by the class instructor.

The terms Practicum and Internship are sometimes used interchangeably within the University. These terms are not necessarily interchangeable and can have different meanings. The State’s definition of a Practicum is defined above. The term Internship can mean a person who is in practical training to learn a specific field however it does not have to be related to a required University class credit training activity. Internships can be both paid and unpaid positions and can be considered employees of the training firm.

Our State Student Practicum liability coverage does not include Practicum student coverage for medical clinical training fields, i.e. nursing, pharmacy, physician assistants, clinical laboratory, occupational therapy, pathology, radiology, etc. This category also excludes pre-medical fields, such as pre-pharmacy, pre-physician, pre-dietetics, pre-physical therapy, etc. However, the University has an individual Student Healthcare liability insurance policy (separate from the State program coverage) for those types of BSU Practicum Students. University departments needing Practicum Student liability coverage for these State excluded medical clinical training fields can contact:

Risk Management and Insurance – 426-3636

Should you be contacted by an outside Practicum training program service provider requesting a Certificate of Liability insurance for a Practicum student, please contact our Risk Management and Insurance office to review where and how the applicable insurance coverage should be obtained.