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Use of Volunteers

Volunteer and Minors /Campus-Lab Guidance

Departments planning to use Volunteers should complete the Authorized Volunteer Services Agreement. A copy of this form should be kept on file in the department.

Also, review the Boise State University’s Background Investigation policy #7005 and complete the Background Check Request form if the Volunteer meets any of the following criteria:

  • Volunteers providing housing for minor undergraduate students
  • Unsupervised volunteers assisting with activities that include minors and/or at-risk adults
  • Volunteers spending the night in a situation where minors and/or at risk adults are present
  • Volunteers in childcare facilities

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Volunteers please contact Kip McBean, Risk Manager 426-3636 or Kristi Murphy, Assistant Risk Manager 426-5955.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Background Investigation please contact Human Resource Services at 426-1616, or