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Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation insurance is nofault insurance, which provides wage loss and medical benefits to workers with a job-related injury or disease and protects employers from certain civil liabilities. Nearly every working Idahoan is protected by worker’s compensation insurance, as state law requires most employers to have worker’s compensation insurance.

To File a Claim

In event of an injury:

If the injury is life or limb threatening, call 911. The employee should be sent directly by ambulance to the nearest emergency room for immediate medical attention. Also contact University Security at 426-6911 to let them know emergency personnel are on their way to transport the injured employee.

If the injury is non-life threatening but still requires medical attention, the employee should be transported by University vehicle to University Health Services or St. Luke’s Occupational Health Clinics. If a University vehicle is not readily available, then employee should be transported by personal automobile to University Health Services or St. Luke’s Occupational Health Clinics. If assistance is needed, please contact University Security at 426-6911.

In both cases, injured employee needs to notify their emergency contact to let them know they’ve been injured in an accident.

If the injury is not life or limb threatening, the employee should:

  • Notify your supervisor immediately.
  • Seek medical treatment as necessary and as soon as possible.
    • Boise State University’s Worker’s Compensation Preferred Medical Service Providers are University Health Services and St. Luke’s Occupational Health Clinics. Employees with worker’s compensation injuries/illnesses should go to University Health Services or St. Luke’s Occupational Health Clinics for medical treatment. For more information refer to Boise State Worker’s Compensation flowchart
  • Fully complete all required documentation.
  • Avoid activities that will slow or stop your recovery.
  • Keep your supervisor informed of your progress and limitations.

As soon as possible, all University employees are required to notify their immediate supervisor whenever they have a work injury or employment caused illness.


  • Conducts Investigation and takes corrective action
  • Report injury within 48 hours, regardless of whether medical attention was needed or not. Go to Dakota WC reporting portal, Select “Worker Compensation” from the drop down menu, then fill out the Supervisor’s Accident Report.

Upon receipt of the Supervisor’s Accident Report, University Risk Management will forward the claim to the Idaho State Insurance Fund who will then investigate the incident and begin the process of determining compensability and managing the claim from its inception to its conclusion. Any questions regarding a specific claim should be directed to Boise State University Risk Management or the assigned adjuster at the Idaho State Insurance Fund at

For more information or any questions about the University’s worker’s compensation coverage should be directed to Kip McBean, Risk Manager at (208) 426-3636 or via email